Tuesday 15 May 2012

Slicing and Dicing

As Anabaric pulled the slicer round for another pass, he marvelled at the agility of the little craft, so unlike most Amar ships, it was fast and agile. Made from the finest panels of  spun tritanium and gold then polished and engraved with various mystic runes and prayers as favoured by the devoultly religious Amar engineers. When he'd first brought it into the hanger his own engineers had laughed, it was too pretty to fight they said, it wouldn't last 30 seconds in a brawl. It doens't even have any armour!
They were definately right about that! He was reminded all too clearly by a blaster round penetrating the front armour and luckily missing any vital systems on its way out the other side.
The engravings in the hull were actually done to save weight, the engineers had deliberately etched the armour so thin in places that if you walked over them it flexed the panels.

The ultra violet lasers scorched another hit on the sluggish destroyer, its returning fire falling far behind the slicer. The pilots lack of skill was showing badly. The destroyers friend in the Tristan was actually proving to be more of a threat, and was trying to get on an intercept between the two ships. All the time the two drones chewed off little bits of his armour, something he really didn't have much of.

The destroyer was buckling badly in armour smoke and flames had started to pour from various holes the slicer had poked in it, but still it refused to die. Anabaric weighed the odds and switched target to the Tristan, purple fire encased the frigate and its shields and armour quickly evaporated, Throttling back, he pulled the Tristan pilot out further away from his destroyer buddy, when the seperation hit 30km, he slammed the slicer into full approach, and instantly cycled the crystals in his lasers to navy issue multifrequency, as he closed into scram range of the tristan, the web and scram took effect on the fragile slicer, there was a distinct groan from the chassis as it decelerated rapidly. The momentum of the two ships carried them directly towards each other, at point blank range the full force of the lasers seared straight into the heart of the badly damaged ship and the reactor exploded sending debries across the asteroid belt.
Activating his mwd again as he smashed through the broken wreckage, and re-engaged the destroyer. At this point the fight was already won, the stricken destroyer would go down, was just a matter of time.

Anabaric was aware that their corp mate was still in system in her steath bomber, probably in this very belt watching the fight, but never did he expect that the bomber would decloak at 40km and open fire. The torpedo's locked on and flashed towards the slicer, the bomber pilot oblivious to the mistake she had just made.

The slicer's engines ports glowed white hot, Anabaric deactivated the safety measures and sent the tiny craft directly into the path of the torpedo's at over 6,0000ms. The explosions flashed brightly over the view screen, but the torpedo's were set for much larger craft and detonated ineffectively in the slicers wake. The bomber pilot realising her mistake turned to run, but it was already too late the slicer was on her, and the close range lasers made light work of the fragile bomber.

Seeing his chance the destroyer pilot had made good his escape, so Anabaric decided ransom to the bomber pilot.

[Edit: Convo log missing]