Thursday 9 May 2013

Round Up

Feeling a bit rusty at PVP so figured I'd jump into something I'm familiar with, my go to ship for a fast solo roam is the Slicer.

Took it out for a short trip and didn't see much, chased a jaguar for a few systems but eventually he docked up and wouldn't come out to play. As I was leaving Basan I cross jumped a condor, and found his mate in a Kestrel on the other side, the kestrel quickly followed through into Basan, I waited a couple of seconds to see if they would come back. then burned back to the gate and jumped in. The condor was on short scan but the kestrel was nowhere to be seen.

As neither was flashy I had to either wait for them to engage, or move the fight away from the gate. As I was taking range, the Condor and Kestrel both landed back on the gate at zero, the condor immediately started to burn out to me, At 170km I turn off the mwd started to swing round the gate, keeping my distance from the much slower kestrel. 

In any two versus one fight you want to control the range of the engagement. This means you can engage and kill each ship on it's own, rather than allowing both ships to shoot at you and use their ewar. 
For this fight I had to be at least 150km from the gate in order to be able to shoot first without sentry guns.
When the fight starts I want both ships inside 150km so they can't warp to each other.
I need to keep a minimum 20km from the kestrel, and a maximum of 20km from the condor. This will allow me to shoot at one, and avoid getting webbed or scrammed by the other. 
Condors are usually very fast, this one was doing 4000ms but also very fragile, the common kiting setups use either 2x damps, or 2x tracking disruptors, both of which will ruin the slicers natural abilities. Kestrels could be AB or MWD, but as he was doing 1000ms I could safely assume AB+Scram. 

As the condor gets closer, I swing round, hit approach, overheated the MWD and closed the gap, his ship stalls - it's immediately apparent that he'd used the orbit command, being midcycle on his mwd he would have to wait the cycle out before he can do anything, as I've started my MWD heated I'm faster than him, as his ship is now trying to run away to hit it's orbit range his ship is heading directly away from me, with virtually zero traversal. The Slicers high EM/Therm lasers quickly destroy his ship before he can get enough range to use his damps effectively. 

Locking and holding his pod for a few seconds gives the kestrel enough time to burn closer, I switch over to the kestrel which was a AB fitted rocket kestrel, he really shouldn't have left when his friend went down. But to my horror, he warps off in deep armour. Somehow I'd managed to click off the disruptor... oops. 

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