Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Bastards Drunk roam 2013

The Bastards Drunk roam 2013

Open op for everyone! 

Drunk Roam will be 18th May 2000 eve time.
These are the rules contract Me in game which is Marco Drack and on twitter @MarcoDrack.

Meet up Location will be EVATI.

A FUN roam, no sad faces!! Come out of the Captain's quarters and fly spaceships and get drunk!!

1. Join the in-game channel 'INDEPENDENCE' for details and fleet pick up and vent info on the day.
2. Any T1 frigate/cruiser fitted out with whatever you want.
3. Yes, fit a rupture with lasers if you want.
4. Or a thorax with arties and missiles.
5. Or a rifter with a cruiser sized weapon.
6. Or bring a Celestis.
7. Mix your weapon systems. Why? because we can and that's how we roll.
8. Points required of course, we can't have people running away.
9. We each drink a shot of spirits (or beer) every half hour during the roam and after each ship kill and after each ship loss and for every ransom.
10. Aim is to see who can stay up for the longest.
11.Needs to be frapsed with some vent recordings as well.
12. If you decide to fit a stab (why not?) then you have to say 'STABBED!' in local, take a shot of alcohol and then RUN like the wuss you are when you get tackled. If you do this and get smack - everyone else will need to take a shot on your behalf.
13. Any other rules that the FC wants to make up...

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