Sunday 5 May 2013

Things to do:

Find Wormhole

Move into wormhole with alt

Train monkeys to grind sleepers


Well the monkeys are now grinding sleepers happily in the wormhole, I'm sitting on a pile of loot in Jita waiting for the best time to sell on the market. The alt corp has been active in the wormhole for 3 weeks, and  we have already paid off 50% of the start up costs, as well as 2b in "wages". There is loot totalling 3b+ in Jita, and another 2b sitting in the tower waiting for a suitable connection to highsec. 

The monkeys in the wormhole are pretty confident now, and are chaining holes, and ripping through even the hardest mag/radar sites with ease. 

Luckily I'd put a market order out for POS fuel, so we're sitting on 2 months supply which should allow us to ride out the recent hike in fuel prices. 

Redfrog are being highly efficient and hauling all out shiny loot from whatever random highsec connection we get straight to Jita. By splitting the cargo into sub 1b contracts, and having the maximum collateral set we're covered even if the freighter gets killed. Consider this a free plug guys! Many thanks!

So with the alt's happily grinding isk, Bastards will be buying a stack more corp ships for roams and derps. 

And more importantly I'll be back flying Ana and getting them all blown up. Hopefully I haven't turned too many pirates into wormbears in the process. 

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