Friday 21 October 2011

Flying a space brick...

Thats what it felt like as I twisted and turned, trying to get the Slicer down into weapons range, for a small ship, the Enyo certainly is not agile.

I'd just killed a rifter, and was busy ransoming the pod when the slicer landed on grid, trying to hurry the ransom up, but the slicer was soon shooting me, meh... oh well no ransom to day then. Letting the pod go*, I immediately overheated the AB and tried to slingshot the slicer into 14km which was my overheated pointrange (ooh is that a skirmish link I see, or are you just pleased to see me...) However no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it down below 15km. Null ammo was not having any effect, and my one little ecm drone was not exactly helping me catch him.

As structure was starting to bleed, I pulled a quick switch, and managed to get out of point range, warped off and repaired my ship.

Undocking again, I flew to the sun and waited, he landed at 100km from me, and started to burn in, now if he's clicked orbit you can use a simple trick by staying still till he's close, then using overheated AB, fly directly into his path, which will break the orbit and force his ship to stall allowing you to close further and into scram range.

BUT.... this chap was manually flying and expected that... damm, a few minuites later, I'm entering structure again, so perform the same trick and escape.

So I dock, repair again,
...and switch for a mwd, snigger quietly, then fly back to the sun.
Setting allign I limit my speed to 1000 the same speed as I'd been doing with the AB. Soon enough he lands on grid, and starts shooting at me again, I play possum for a bit, just keep trying to approach, then as my armor is virtually gone (not really an issue in a hull tanked Enyo) I stop, overheat the MWD then launch towards him, his MWD is shut down and his ship explodes almost the moment my guns start to connect.

Was close thru....

3rd time lucky :)

*I was feeling generous, and eager to shoot the slicer.


  1. Good work, close fights are always the best!

  2. Enyo + (Neutrons + MWD) = WIN. Eve Math at its finest.