Friday 21 October 2011

War... I think?

The Black Cadavers War.

The Black Cadavers who cannot correctly remember our names, I think I got theirs right though. Who is HONOUR SPACE WARRIORZ like us despite being part of filthy Republic who claim to fight for freedom but then deny us the right to live as we choose on the leash of their Jovian backed CONCORD masters and call us KRIMINALS.

The Cadavers have spoken well of our esteemed president mr. Bull on the PROPAGANDA SHOW of Kirith Kodachi who is space rich and has as really big ship named after an old city somewhere in a sandy place I think. Anyways they said they is better than us. This is an obviously lie for we are the bestest and coolest and greasiest (except for saftzuse who only has greasy mustachio and me cause I is classy Khanid girl) space bikers in all of New Eden. So SPACE HONOURZ must be satisfied and we shall go to warz against them to proof we is greasier and bestest.

They is much less in numbers then us but they is very experienced warriorz and you should not underestimates them. Many is ex tuskers (other kool peoplez unjustly called kriminals) and other people good at shooty shooty. They have space honourz though so should be GFGF’s.

Fight with hard but with honourz against them.

I shall also payz 20 millions for foulmouthed drunkards corpse who’s name I can’t remember now but will after listen to PROPAGANDA again that called us bad.


So after we ran it through google language tools we came out with this.

"Dear Sirs, thank you for the respectful coments on the Podcast. Whilst we accept that you may have some very experienced pilots, you are not as suggested better than us. Therefore we will have honourable space combat, to prove our worth.


  1. In the Queens best English;

    Yes sir, I think you got the gist of it.

    Now how about tea (cloud of mild, 2 lumps) and scones (with jam obviously) in Dal?

  2. Well said good sir, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. Feel free to pop round afterwards for scones old bean.