Saturday 8 October 2011

A tale of two fights...

A little moral story for you...

I had two arranged fights this evening, the first with a young pilot who was lurking in Dal, in a rifter, I chased him for a bit in my Dram (as I just happened to be flying it from earlier) then offered a 1v1 with rifters, he accepted we went to a planet, fought. It was very one sided, my shields not actually dropping below 10% on my armor tanked rifter.
But he had balls to fight a flashy red, so well played young Huff Duff!

We had a little chat, afterwards and as he was polite, and interested in PvP I invited him back to station, gave him the very rifter I had beaten him with fully fitted and with his dropped mods in the cargobay, and sent him on his way with a invite to the OUCH uni channel, and a offer of future employment, should he complete their training program.

I look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Now onto the other fight of the evening...

A shit talking Harby pilot fielding T1 warriors, far too young to be flying one effectively.

20:36:05] Innsomniac > u keen for 1v1
[20:36:39] Anabaric > yeah, i'll 1v1 you in that hull vs this if you want
[20:37:12] Innsomniac > yeah righto
[20:41:47] Innsomniac > do you get off head bro
[20:46:11] Innsomniac > u at??
[20:49:38] Innsomniac > oi i cant remember what system u were at
[20:49:43] Innsomniac > where u at
[20:54:10] Innsomniac > cunt u fucking ignore me dog ill rape your family and your first borne and massacre your farmyard pets

[20:54:51] Innsomniac > shit grubbin about cunt

I was busy in a fight and missed his upset little whine about raping my dog, but hell, this guy needs podding, so I open up another conversation with him.

[20:55:30] Innsomniac > hello there kind sir
[20:55:31] Anabaric > DAL
[20:56:00] Innsomniac > brah im way toio off me head for this shit are we gonna have a crack or not if not im bailin
[20:56:13] Anabaric > come to DAL
[20:56:17] Anabaric > we'll fight
[20:56:24] Innsomniac > nar ay u come here
[20:56:43] Innsomniac > Auga Planet 2
[20:57:45] Anabaric > DAL is better for me,
[20:57:51] Anabaric > auga has too many WT's
[20:57:57] Anabaric > we would be interupted.
[20:58:01] Innsomniac > of course its better for you you got fucken maties
[20:58:14] Anabaric > 1v1 is 1v1
[20:58:39] Innsomniac > righto brah
[20:58:50] Anabaric > i can have mates in Auga if i wanted.
[20:58:53] Anabaric > your call
[21:00:34] Innsomniac > where u at
[21:01:03] Anabaric > PLanet V
[21:07:01] Innsomniac > hmm gg lol

So a few minutes later he exploded....

[21:11:36] Innsomniac > bruz pod me yeah
[21:11:49] Innsomniac > i cbf flying home


[21:12:27] Anabaric > you sir are an idiot
[21:12:30] Anabaric > and rude
[21:12:39] Innsomniac > lol umad??
[21:12:42] Anabaric > nope
[21:12:45] Anabaric > you ded
[21:12:54] Anabaric > i didn't even turn on the tank
[21:13:15] Innsomniac > i couldnt even touch ya
[21:13:20] Innsomniac > too quick yeah
[21:13:25] Anabaric > not really
[21:13:27] Anabaric > 900ms
[21:13:30] Anabaric > with the web
[21:13:37] Anabaric > your skills for tracking are just bad
[21:14:26] Innsomniac > yeah ay
[21:14:32] Innsomniac > all a bit of fun brah
[21:14:45] Innsomniac > havnt done too much pvp
[21:15:43] Innsomniac > what did i do wrong there what could i have improved
[21:15:48] Anabaric > well being rude gets you podded for one
[21:17:00] Innsomniac > soz bout that matie aussie humour
[21:17:28] Anabaric > hmmm
[21:17:34] Innsomniac > nah serious
[21:17:39] Innsomniac > sorry if i offended bro
[21:17:50] Anabaric > np's
[21:20:52] Anabaric > best advice i can give you is fly smaller ships until your skills both ingame and your knowledge of PVP are higher
[21:20:59] Anabaric > also consider joining a training corp
[21:21:21] Anabaric >
[21:21:26] Innsomniac > hmm kays
[21:22:11] Innsomniac > can i add ya to friends bruz
[21:22:52] Anabaric > can add anyone as contact, but i don't do blues with neutrals.
[21:23:08] Anabaric > if you want a fight and i'm online feel free to contract me
[21:23:28] Anabaric > suggest you apply to OUCH btw, they will teach you plenty.

 Now normally I won't pod anyone during orgainised one vs one fights, and I will give their loot back, thats just me, but some people, you just HAVE to pod.

So the moral is treat people how you want to be treated, and reap the rewards.

Kama's a bitch afterall.

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  1. If he comes into OUCH wanting to rape people's dogs, he'll be out faster than he can finish explaining how. We don't want to teach idiots, and we boot them as soon as we work that out. We train soldiers, professionals, gentlemen (and gentlewomen too), but not abusive and disrespectful idiots. Just letting you know. :)