Sunday 9 October 2011

A tale of four Slicers...

Tonights tale of bravery and destruction starts with a single Slicer, this single Slicer travelled into Dal System was keeping alert and cautious, in the home of the fealess leader of the Kadavars and Lord of the CDM Nashh Kadavar, who was active in system. 
However when he found the Brave Lord of CDM flying a Rifter, he bravely jumped on him engaging him from range with purple lasers! 
The fight wasn't going well for the Lord, the Slicer was a far more powerfull and agile vessel, but bravely he carried on in single combat, then Nashh screams for assistance, he's seen another Slicer on scan, and more war targets are entering system! 

This would not do! The Kadavar's are heroic, and must not be ganked!!

Our Hero Anabaric, jumps into his shiny new Hookbill, tearing the last of the bubble wrap off the controls, and launches into space, and charges into battle! but its too late the Rifter has met its sorry end.

Alas poor hookbill, its not going to be a fair fight, not one, not two, but three Navy Slicers are there waiting for him as he lands on grid.
Anabaric struggles valiently, firing rockets at the fast targets whilst burning away, but with three much faster ships against him, its only a matter of time before the poor ship melts under the laser beams, and our Hero's Hookbill maiden voyage ends in flames...

Revenge must be had! Two Kadavar ships for no kills!

The Slicers hang about in System, acting as a taunt to the Kadavar's.

Anabaric rushes back to station and grabs his trusty Dramiel, this monster frigate is setup for brawling, and unlike many other Dramiels this one is active tanked. Many a poor ship has met its end at its angry teeth!

He undocks, and immediately engages two of the slicers, the first unaware of the 18km commandship boosted scram, suddenly looses its microwarp drive whilst being torn to pieces by a swarm of hungry drones! with two slicers the Dramiel's active tank is holding nicely, then suddenly there is another Slicer, then another!
Four slicers now start to overwelm the tank, but the first slicer explodes in glorious flames. Turning his attention onto the next target this one is also caught out by the long range scram. And with the Kadavars finally undocking in a rifter and a taranis the fight turns in their favour, the second Slicer explodes, by this point the Dramiels shield have gone, and structure is bleeding heavily, Anabaric decides he's had enough and overheats his afterburner and gets away from the final two slicers, warping out at 20% structure...

In a final heroic move Anabarics hobgoblins decide they haven't had enough and carry on shooting the third Slicer who soon explodes to the Kadavar's.

The fourth slicer, loosing the will to fight after watching helplessly as his comrads effective destruction at the hands of the merciless Kadavar's, disengages from the fight and flies off to lick his wounds.

Final score Kadavars 3 Ammar milita 2.


  1. Heroic leaders don't scream for help, we whisper...

    To bad we missed out on the fourth!

  2. Anabaric doens't call people sir either...