Monday 24 October 2011

Well that could have gone better...

In eve its only a matter of time before you do something silly, the level of derp is always relatively high.

Its usually a case of being too cocky, that feeling of invicibility that comes from a sucessful roam, then a golden opportunity to fly the shiny stuff in anger...
The roam was great, with 2 drakes and a hurricane, we plowed down towards Evati, killing everything in our path, which wasn't much but it was fun, the final count was a brutix, crow, then the icing being a jaguar and deadspace fitted absolution, his tempest buddy managed to get out before we could catch him. We passed a couple of gangs, far bigger and meaner than us, with falcons, and scimitar support, but each time we passed them on a gate without loss. 

We were invincible!
On our return to Dal we tried to pick a fight with the Amar gang in local, but they fled before us, we picked up another member to our fleet, then promptly lost two drakes when a overview froze and he didn't see the fast tackle approaching, when their gang returned to Dal!

Revenge must be had!
We jumped into the shiny ships of doom, and suddenly Dal was empty once more, as the gang fled back into Auga.

We entered Auga, grabbed a ceptor who wasn't expecting to be dual webbed by the loki, then insta-popped by the mach's autocannons. We made safe, alligning over to the Korm gate, where the enemy fleet had warped off to. One interpid member of the fleet moved to a pounce above the Korm gate. Landing 200km from the gate, he was immediately alerted to the fast tackle that had joined the gang, namely several ceptors and dramiels... Loosing the advantage of speed, and the choice of range, he chose the wise option to GTFO, but as he turned to run, a moment of derp occured he'd alligned out to the wrong location... and pressing warp caused his ship to stall, and change direction!

That few secons of delay getting into warp was all the time the ceptors needed to make up the 200km, warp was called, followed by the bail command moments later as local started to explode and the Amar gangs numbers doubled. Unfortunately for the rest of us, being alligned to the correct location, meant we entered warp almost immediately...

What followed was something akin to the last charge of the light brigade with similar results. 
To add insult to injury the swarms of ECM drones released by the Amar gang meant that 3billion isk of ships went down without taking a single ship with them.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Eve is a very cruel master. 
But you know what... things like this is why I love playing, combat in EvE gets your heart racing like no other game I've played.


  1. I saw and wept a little... Can you replace it?

  2. Was fun evening with a derp to end it. Everything is replacable, what matters is if it was fun overall :)

  3. @ Cyber: Totally agree with you, we had a great night of it, tbh if anything I feel a little sorry for Lex, never nice to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR 3B ISK OF LOSSES!!!! rahhhh!

    @Nashh: Yes, and after a small period of mourning I will put a buy order out!

    Its always been the people that make the game, things like this give you stories to share and blogs to post on! :)

  4. Hehe. When you guys arrived in Dal we were in the middle of chasing a Minnie frig fleet from Vard to Dal to Auga. I vaguely noticed Lex smack talking in local but was busy finishing off the remaining Minmatar Wolves. Then your Drakes showed up and we did a quick about-face to go for the new targets. I guess if you thought we were running away that would explain why you were caught a little off guard!

    When you reshipped into Machs we went back to ship up too. I got back into Auga to find that another Amarr fleet had beaten us to it and were swarming around Lex's Mach. I raced for it but couldn't make it to the fight before the Mach disappeared in a blue flash . . . and was just in the middle of giving my corpmates the bad news when your Loki and second Mach warped in!

    Though there's no way to know for sure I have the feeling your Mach and the Loki were the same ships you guys used to nuke two of my ceptors in the fight a few weeks back. Only wish I'd been the one to get the initial tackle. :P

  5. @Wendi, Explains alot with the second fleet arriving. We don't mind the uneven odds, hell thats half the reason we fly what we do and the way we do it, gives us half a chance to against the 5:1 odds we usually meet in this area.
    And yes, they were very same loki/mach combo we used a few weeks ago, but don't worry you'll get another chance on them soon enough I'm sure. :)