Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fools rush in...

Trying to look scary...

I haven't really put the mach to good use since I bought it, been a little bit of a trophy for me, ganked a few people with it, used it on the station with the carrier supplying a virtually unbreakable tank. But never really took it out to play with.

Well last night I decided to get some insurance, refit for roaming, and go out in a blaze of 800mm autocannons...
Of course what actually happened was, we went several jumps deep into Amarr territory and didn't find anything to kill.

Finally after hanging about for a while trying to look scary the Amarr managed to form up a fleet to engage us.

The fight happened about in Roushzar, and started 100km from the Korm gate, most of the reds on the other side, and our Loki sitting at 100 when a drake landed close and started to engage.

From my 200km vantage pointed I warped down to support the loki, at this point the real fight started, an Arazu decloaked at 20k from me, and immediately scrammed me, uh oh...

However kinda expecting it (seeing it earlier on d-scan) I had used the short time before it could lock to cycle the mwd and get a burst of speed away and up from the gate. With the full force of the Machariel's 800's in combination with the Tengu & Loki's not so shabby DPS the Arazu remembered that it was already dead, and promptly exploded.

Because we were were within 150 of the gate, thus at an unwarpable range their ships were forced to burn from the gate out towards us. Control of range and speed allowed our smaller force to take on their gang without loss. By forcing them to come to us, their advantage of numbers was reduced, also the Mach is actually a very effective destroyer of small tackle, with bonus to tracking and the ability to hit hard at 80km, combined with the webbing loki, meant that the small ships died before being able to pin anyone else down.

At this point we turned our attention to the Drake that had started the fight. Then chasing the remaining Battlecruisers off the field.

The final score was : Arazu, Drake, Crow and a pair of slicers. for no loss, the rag tag remains of their fleet warped out.

We hung around in system looting wrecks for a while wondering if they would bring another gang to catch us. Then one of them comes back in a Devoter... hmmm spidersense was starting to tingle, is it hotdrop Oclock already?

We stayed at range, taking potshots at them, but staying well out of tackle range, finally their gang came in via the gate, and spent the next few minutes trying to warp the devoter into tackle range, failing miserably, in the mix the another enemy ceptor is popped.

Realising they don't have, and can't gain control of the fight they all do the sensible thing and leave.

We hang around a little longer pop a Harby, a pair of Hawks, then the same Amarr gang starts to appear in local 1 by 1, we know they are aware of our fleet composition, and wouldn't be throwing just anything at us, they must by now have the tactical advantage...

Its getting late so we decide on the Brave Sir Robin move, and run away back home, happy at a very sucessfull roam.

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