Monday 26 September 2011

[FICTION...?] The hunter

The sun's glare reflected dimly off the dark metallic hull of the ship, no lights shone from within, the ship appears dead and drifting, closer inspection reveals large burns and scars, some deep, past the nanite reinforced armor, deep into the structure of the ship, any one of which could have been fatal. As the ship continues to drift silently towards the planet there is evidence of life, the scars are getting smaller, the nanites in the armor are still hard at work trying to patch the holes. A single puff from a thruster fires as the ship corrects its heading once more resumes its silent drift.
Inside the ship the a voice blasts out over the intercom. "I don't care how much damage there is to the hull, fix the armor, reload the guns, we've still got work to do tonight."
"Sir the damage to the hull is critical, one more hit from that cruiser and we'd have been finished"
"But we're not, they are, and Arth has already found us a new prize, I need to be ready now..."
"Yes sir?"
"I won't ask again..."
"Sir! We're on it!"
The chief mechanic shudders involuntarily as he turns away from the intercom.
"You heard him, reload the guns first, we'll be going in hot and still repping"
Lights start to flicker across the power panels, as the pod pilot is already starting the engines, and programming the navicomp.

The Wolf class assult ships drops out of warp on the jump gate, the gate alarms chime out gate sound as the gate frantically starts to lock, but the frigate has jumped.
"Taking a short cut, buckle up" The cold voice speaks out over the intercom.
"What the..??..."
"Oh god not Amamake"
The screens fill with red as multiple targeting warnings chime out, but the small craft is already alligned and in warp.
"Sir, They had a HIC, that was too close"
There is a sense of a silent chuckle throughout the ship. Pod pilot and ship are one.
Mackie turn and looks at his second who's muttering something about life insurance.

The Wolf class assult ship drops out of warp next to an aceleration gate, the broken rogue drones ship that should have been defending the gate are signs that someone passed this way recently, someone in a ship powerful enough to destroy lots of nasty drones...

The gate activates and the Wolf is hurled forward into the unknown. The signs of drone activity are high, derelict ships are clustered in groups waiting to be processed, there is no sign of the target only another gate.
At full speed the wolf burns deeper into the pocket, scanners checking every wreck and hulk for signs of their dangerous owners.
"Arty, how deep is this fucking pocket" The ship to ship communication crackles slightly.
"Targets in the next pocket"
"I hate drones"
"Your not going to enjoy this then"
"Arth you bastard, what's in the next room"
The final gates sequence locks in and the Wolf is thrown into warp.

The wolf lands, 20km away an Armageddon class battleship is engaged in a furious firefight with Rogue Drones, laser beams light up the pocket, as they melt the last Rogue drone.
The Amageddon pilot however is paying attention, and starts to align out towards one of the stations, but its too late, the scram from the wolf and the battleship isn't going to leave any time soon.

In a rage the battleship pilot starts to wildly shoot at the frigate, massive blasts of energy miss the frigate by mere meters, some passing close enough to vapourise the shield, but not quite close enough. A single direct hit at this range would destroy the frigate, but with the battleship's guns not being able to keep up with the fast moving ship the threat is minimal. Realising that he's unable to hit the frigate, he launches a flight of fast warrior drones. The wolf quickly targets and destroys the drones, there is a cheer from the crew as the last drone is wrecked.

The Battleship continues to fire at the frigate for another minute, before finally realising the inevitable, and cools his guns, and accepts the neocom connection.

"Welcome to Amamake, if you plan to leave in your ship its going to cost you 100m payable now"
"You and who's army, you'll never break my tank" The sneer in Battleship's pilots voice is hard to miss.
"Its simple, you can pay the money and leave in one piece or I can pick over the hull fragments, and modules. What's it going to be?"
Mackie looks at the crew, shrugs and cycles the action to reload the guns with plasma rounds, its going to be a long night. Just at that point the proximity alarm sounds, Mackie dives over to the command screens.
"Sir, there's something inbound, shit! its heavy the gate stress is massive!"

The Machariel class battleship lands in the pocket, 1400mm turrets lock onto the Armageddon, at point blank range the Armageddon is pushed back by the force of the impact, armor plates buckle and splinter and a wash of plasma boils across the golden hull.

There is a loud "bing" and the the financial screen indicates a large "donation"

The little wolf aligns and follows's the giant Angel's battleship into warp.
Anabaric laughing over the comm's seeing the fresh bright pink paint emblazoned upon the rear of the hull of the giant battleship "Set phasers to make it dead!"

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