Thursday 29 September 2011

Shiny things attract people... moths to a flame, and often with similar consequences...

So the new boys had joined corp, and everyone was running carrier logistics and moving stuff in. So there was little ole me, sitting out on the station in my Mach "Make it dead..." defending the cyno* when local bumped a little and an Amarr gang came in. Unsuprisingly my Mach was soon pointed by a lone Maller, who was quickly joined by a mixed gang of frigates and a couple of BC's. I turned the hardners on and waited, the buffer was soon starting to drop but I wasn't worried as sitting 20km away was my alt in the Niddy. Surely the Amarr were not that stupid to realise?

Turning the capital reps on, both mine and Acutes shields are soon repped back to 100% and the pitiful DPS just can't break the reps. A falcon decloaks at zero to the station but hurriedly docks before I could lock it.

I can see what's going to happen, I'm going to agress the Mach, then local is going to blow up, and I'll get ganked.

Meh, I'm a sucker for bait. So I take a pot shot at the Maller, then stop shooting.

Waiting....   hmmm no spike

Fair enough.... guess its rude not to engage.



The rest of their fleet scatters..

Shame really...

*well its a good excuse to pose.

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