Sunday 11 September 2011

Knowing when your beat...

EvE is not just about knowing your own ship, its about knowing when to run, when to stay and fight, and when to just turn tail and find another way round. Tonight's lesson was learned by a poor Caracal pilot who jumped into me.
The mistake the Caracal made was not trying to burn back to the gate and escape the other side. As soon as it decloaked 13km away its choices where very limited.

[23:36:35] JESSKABAL > gf
[23:36:47] Anabaric > o/ gf
[23:37:00] JESSKABAL > thought you was not gona cathc me
[23:36:58] Anabaric > you should have burned back to the gate
[23:37:54] JESSKABAL > so how comes i was geting away then you caught up
[23:38:06] Anabaric > thermodynamics
[23:38:17] JESSKABAL > ya i over heated to
[23:38:28] Anabaric > well then, i'm just faster
[23:38:29] JESSKABAL > you muct have hit yours elire

Now looking at the ship in question, an AML Carcal, are not best known for their speed, maxing out with heat at 1970ms, even with max skills (something this one was possibly lacking). Whilst the the standard Nanocane, as loved by pirates everwhere can do just over 2000ms...
Roughly translated, your not getting away in a Caracal

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