Tuesday 6 September 2011

So apparently I joined the Milita...

...so anyway, what's new in your world.

Now having flown with the Gallante FW guys a while back I decided that being a pirate was far more attractive as I had lots more targets to play with. So I was a little suprised/disappointed when the PvP corp I joined recently were actually in FW, unlike the advert implied. Yes Yes I know I really should have checked up a bit futher before clicking the apply button.

So I find myself in a dilema, 50% of my targets are now "friendly milita" this requires one of two things to happen. Either I change my overview to actually show them as friendly (in which case they will not appear) or I just carry on shooting.

If I do switch for a Milita overview I then have to trust EVERYONE in milita not to shoot me, me the -10 pirate, concord are more than happy with me dead, so won't cause gate/station guns to defend me, in case of a "friendly fire" incident with someone who doesn't know how to setup their overview, and see's pirates as red even if they are milita.



Yeah not gonna happen - If its on my overview its a valid target.


  1. hold your horses captain. i'll explain...

  2. Hmmm... ok for now.

    I reserve the right to violence anyone that acts in a threatening manner, that includes locking me, or scraping the paint off my rifter.

  3. no doubt all hostility should be met with more hostility!!!