Tuesday 13 September 2011

Wolf vs Hookbill, or a lesson in situational awareness.

So wanting to try out my shiny new wolf, I set off looking for things to kill.

Round 1. Seeing a Hookbill in the belt I moved in hoping that he wanted to play, he was mwd fit with a tracking disruptor, so cleverly stayed well out of scram range. No amount of jiging got him into my scram range, so  I switched out to long range ammo, and forced him into a longer orbit, at which point I switched off, and warped back to a roid over 200km away.
Round 2. Whilst the above had been going on I had also been setting up my probes on the belt, I waited until he turned his mwd off to get his cap back up, then with a quick fleet warp to zero. The wolfs scram went on, and I started to tear his ship apart.

He rejected the ransom for his pod, then convo'd me a while later, still not quite sure what had happened.

[21:24:28] Razor Soulvoyeur > that was impressive warp
[21:24:30] Razor Soulvoyeur > gf
[21:24:40] Razor Soulvoyeur > once you scrambled i was dead
[21:25:00] Razor Soulvoyeur > how did you do that?
[21:25:15] Anabaric > hookbill pilot?
[21:25:25] Razor Soulvoyeur > yup
[21:25:35] Anabaric > you weren't looking for probes :)
[21:25:42] Razor Soulvoyeur > damn man too good
[21:25:46] Razor Soulvoyeur > *salutes*
[21:25:52] Anabaric > o7 gf mate
[21:25:55] Razor Soulvoyeur > played like a true pro
[21:25:57] Razor Soulvoyeur > you too
[21:26:01] Razor Soulvoyeur > didn't expect that at all
[21:26:11] Razor Soulvoyeur > i was like whoa
[21:26:18] Razor Soulvoyeur > first round i did ok against you
[21:26:21] Razor Soulvoyeur > correct?
[21:26:32] Razor Soulvoyeur > i was getting your shield down if i recall
[21:26:32] Anabaric > well i couldn't catch you, but you didn't touch my tank
[21:26:38] Anabaric > i'm armour fit
[21:26:43] Anabaric > boomslang <-- linked fit
[21:26:46] Razor Soulvoyeur > ahh yeah then i didn't
[21:27:04] Razor Soulvoyeur > don't see a probe launcher
[21:27:18] Anabaric > thats because its on the alt
[21:27:24] Razor Soulvoyeur > ahh
[21:27:28] Razor Soulvoyeur > bloody good
[21:27:39] Razor Soulvoyeur > very impressed done like a pro
[21:27:51] Razor Soulvoyeur > got me jittering losing like that was scary shite :P
[21:28:01] Anabaric > hhaha, eve gets your heart beating
[21:28:14] Razor Soulvoyeur > sure does you did that well got me excited
[21:28:26] Razor Soulvoyeur > ty again if you want another round brought out my comet same area :P
[21:28:33] Razor Soulvoyeur > you rock no kissing your butt
[21:28:36] Razor Soulvoyeur > did awesome
[21:28:40] Razor Soulvoyeur > *salutes* o7

So apparently I rock :)

The lesson for today, ALWAYS keep checking your situation, watch local for spikes, watch scanner for probes.


  1. *makes notes* prober.... alt... setup.... while.... engaging....

    I'm going to need more coordination.

  2. I have dual monitors, so it makes it alot easier :)