Wednesday 7 September 2011

Roaming with the boss man

First roam with the new corp, always the interesting one, new pilots, and new rules. I know how I work, and hunt, but how does everyone else do it...

As no one was online I decided to take my shiny new Merlin (yes i know! but its the only Caldari ship I will ever fly I promise!), out for a suicide roam to the heart of Ammar milita territory.

[ 2011.09.07 19:33:01 ] Nashh Kadavr > ana you going out for some pew?
[ 2011.09.07 19:35:47 ] Anabaric > yeah
[ 2011.09.07 19:36:01 ] Anabaric > going to huola ? in a merlin for some lols
[ 2011.09.07 19:36:18 ] Anabaric > be back shortly in a pod

[ 2011.09.07 19:50:28 ] Anabaric*  is on the way back in pod already :)

It was a fair trade the Merlin loss for a shiny ceptor kill, and another shiny medal from corp for killing above my ship class.

So after a few wasted minutes playing with one of the local dock monkeys, we grabbed rifters and headed out to see what we could find. A few jumps out, my prober located an Arbitrator, and the two rifters quickly sent him running away in his pod. As it was a Angels site, and the prober just happened to have a codebreaker we stuck around and opened the cans, and were rewarded with an additional 6m of loots.

This was to set the tone for the rest of the night, we headed on down to Evati, passing a missioning Loki/Tengu/SB I did try to probe, but they saw the probes and quickly hid. Nash carried on down to Evati and managed to kill Burst, he had planned to hold it whilst I got there, but it died rather suddenly... - funny that.

We started to head back, narrowly missing out on a bait hurricane, and then my prober found the T3's in the same spot. I lurked about for a while making very sure about the probe range, and dropped them on 0.5 Au's getting an 80% hit on the first strike (those level 5 skills really starting to pay off now) and 100% on the second, I pulled the probes and waited for the rifters to get into place. Now our original plan was to try and gank the Manticore, and then watch as the T3's killed our cheap rifters. We ran through room after room, with each aceleration gate we expected them to warp out of the site, finally we arrived in the last room of the amost clear site. To our suprise the SB immeidately fled, and the two T3's cloaked and warped out before we could get near.


So what is this site then? A quick visit to google informs us of the possible loot drop being a Cynabal blueprint. So thinking what the hell, we blow up the final container, scoop the loot, and run off before their support fleet arrives.

Yes, I did say support fleet, it eventually did arrive, suprisingly the comment in local from one of the missioners actually turned out to be true...

[22:25:45] Anabaric > so what do we have to do with the site then ?
[22:26:15] Kmelx > all you have to do is hang around for the blue fleet we've summoned, they'll help you out

So two T3 cruisers, required a support fleet to take on a pair of rifters...
They missed Nash who was carrying the loot ^^ but their Ceptor did manage to catch me on the exit gate, as it was obviously I wasn't going to get out, I immedately burned back towards the ceptor, who missed his orbit and came directly into point range! It was a close fight, but with the curse neuting me I was unable to repair at all, overheating my guns and using the Nos I did manage to keep point on the ceptor who got away luckily in structure when my rifter popped. Ah well, another rifter sacrificed to the PvP gods, it was a noble death with a Recon/T3/and a Ceptor on the mail.

All in all, a great roam, some good kills and some great loot ^^


  1. As soon as I get my payday *Cough* Nashh *Cough* I'll be down there with y'all!!

  2. excellent post. had a laugh! great kill again dude, you make papa proud.